Friday, December 12, 2014

Baby blankets

I finally had time to hem the baby blankets and have listed 2 of them in my etsy shop. I love the soft feel of the 3/2 perle cotton - would love to have one of these for myself.

Life has been busy this week - out of the house every day, today I'm home other than a quick run to the post office with orders to be dropped off.  I still have to finish up handspun handknit socks for hard to work on them when he's home more with semi-retirement.......this week he went in to the office all week and I just happened to have things going on out of the house most of the week - not a good combination for knitting socks.  I did get some knitting in here and there while watching The Tudors on Netflix. Think I'll get a few episodes in today while least that's the plan........although the morning is almost over.  Off to knit and dream of weaving........

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  1. The baby blanket is great! Very colorful and pretty! :-)


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