Monday, December 22, 2014

A bit of time at the loom.....

We decided to go over to the coast for a few days in spite of the forecast.  We did get a beach walk in Friday afternoon in-between the rain squalls but after that there was torrential sideways rain, lots of wind, soak to the bone rain. We came home earlier than planned on Sunday due to the forecast of the river reaching flood stage later in the day - 42S along the Coquille River was starting to flood as we drove through, the road closed this morning - we were really worried about rockslides on 42, so glad there weren't as that detour would have added 1 1/2-2 hours to our drive home.

Back to that painted silk scarf warp - above is scarf #2 - I used a deep red weft.
Here is scarf #3 which I only had time to get started today - a wine weft is being used.
I did get some time to work on the knitted felted intarsia tangled mess bag project but I've run out of the blue wool just short of the final strap - ack. I bought exactly what the pattern called for and I knit tight so there should have been plenty.  I found a skein online - it's on it's way to me now but has put this project on hold for a while......dyelot will not be the same but hopefully close enough. Next up is to knit the tulips to felt - I read through the directions and decided I need lots of fresh brain cells before starting to work on those - they look to be a challenge to say the in I don't understand the instructions at all.........
Pure torture today shopping for Christmas Eve dinner stuff, forgot the lettuce for the salad so back to the store for me tomorrow along with waiting in line at the post office for 2 packages - ack. Think I'll need some chocolate to compensate.......but that means I'll have to remember to buy some when I pick up the lettuce.......... 

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  1. Those scarves are really pretty. I especially like the purple one!


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