Saturday, December 27, 2014


I finally got the hand-dyed silk and tencel scarves cut off the loom and look what I found - what looks like uneven beating only my beat was perfect. I've figured out what happened - as the scarf went around the front beam the weft threads got distorted as I tightened the warp back up. I'm sure this happened because I was just placing the weft and the silk was very slippery. So, what did I do - I sat down with a needle moving the wefts back where they should be.......on all 3 scarves, in many places.....but they look great now, ready to sell in my etsy shop.

 Here's the one with the fuchsia weft
 Red weft used here
Wine weft in the final scarf


  1. Hi, Cindie. I had something similar happen lately, too, but I attributed it mostly to the fact that the front bottom edge of my breast beam is slightly sharp. I noticed the spaced-out weft near the beginning of the warp, as it passed below the beam, & I decided to stuff a soft cloth along that beam edge to round it out. It was a pain in the neck to keep it in place while advancing the warp, but it definitely helped. A long-term solution may be to sand or plane that edge to round it out or attach something permanently to it. A slippery thread & loose sett definitely exacerbate the spaced-out problem, too.

    1. Thank you for that tip - I'll check out the bottom part of my beam to see if that's the culprit. I've been weaving on this loom for 29 years now - when this has happened rarely in the past it 'came out in the wash' but this time it didn't. Maybe a combination with this particular silk that I haven't used before.


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