Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tea Party

Today I went to a brand new tea place in Gold Hill for lunch with two friends. It was delightful, the owner delightful, the décor fun and food yummy. I can't wait to go back again and hope to frequent it often since it's not but 30 minutes from my house and anyone that knows me knows I love a good tea luncheon.

Ok, so not sure what's happening here but some of my pictures are sideways - that's now how they look on my computer but blogger did something crazy with them.......this is a new issue for me. So, you'll just have to turn your head sideways to see them.....as I don't have the energy to figure out what the issue is. The name of the new tea place is The Teapot on Wheels - they have a regular English style menu and what I think of as high tea luncheons. They also do weddings and other events, cater, and they sit right on the Rogue River - great location.

Here's the tea side of the restaurant - the other side is for those ordering from the regular breakfast/lunch menu.

I love all these teacups and old dresser.

Here's a view of the room we were in - what you can't see is on the wall from where I was standing there are hooks with vintage hats on them - so, of course, we had to put on hats for our tea party.

I had a tisane infused with many berries as I wanted to avoid caffeine - I don't do caffeine......isn't the color of this tisane lovely - it tasted as 'pretty' as it looked.

And here's some yummies.  Not sure if the curtains show enough behind the food - they were pieced together from the owners family heirlooms fabrics/laces.

So, if you live in Southern Oregon or are driving along I5 The Teapot on Wheels is located off exit 45A of I5 - stop by for breakfast or lunch, you won't be disappointed.

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