Sunday, November 16, 2014

Definitely not beauty shots

Today we went to pick up my (our) new Subaru Outback - I'm so excited......excited to have an Outback and not worry about snowy road conditions and excited to trade in the van.....I didn't look back once at it.

Ok, so I missed getting the beauty shots of the Outback sitting posed so perfectly in front of the dealership so next best thing before the sun went down was to get shots in the Costco parking they're not so good but it still looks pretty. At first I wanted the pearly white model but then I saw this tungsten color and had to have it won't show the dust as much that abounds here all summer long.

And no, we did not park where anyone would hit their car door into it - we're against an island at the far reaches of the parking lot, we always park from away from everyone else, no matter what age our vehicles. Of course after the short Costco stop we came out to find it covered with beautiful red leaves from the tree right next to it.

So the sad part to buying a new vehicle is that I'm going to sell my Mustang, a 2006 Mustang with the Pony Package, garage kept, 34,000 miles on it, not a mark on it. I love that car but it's time to downsize from 3 vehicles to 2 (Sam has a truck). I drive the mustang 95% of the time only driving the van when I needed the cargo space. Believe me a tear or two will flow when the mustang finds a new home (and this is from someone who doesn't get attached to cars).

So, come on snow - I'm ready for you now.........although my first choice is to stay inside with a cup of cocoa by the fire......but the Outback will be great in case I get caught out in the snow........


  1. Ohhhhh Subaru love, first love is the best. I'm on my second Outback (but 3rd Subaru) and love them.
    Great color. Have fun!

  2. Cindie as a long time Subie owner, welcome to the club! Right now I am driving a blue 2013 Outback and love her. Her name is Betty - long story why...but suffice it to say it has something to do with the all the bells and whistles she has and military help pilots... Bitchin' Betty...pilots use this vernacular about the onboard warning systems in their helos. Subies are great on winter roads and will get you where you need to go. Sorry about the 'Tang...I dream of owning one of those girls someday....

    1. Yes, big learning curve on the Outback - way more electronic goodies to figure out, got a good lesson at the dealer yesterday but so much more.

      Yes, very sad on the mustang, hubby keeps thinking I shouldn't sell it but he's come around now - semi-retirement brings less income and 3 vehicles is more than we need to insure and keep up and the mustang will need new tires soon - major expense for those tires.

  3. Congrats! Great color! We're always noticing and commenting on the cars that are dust or dirt colored and how smart that is. I'd love to get a color like that on my next car! Enjoy!

  4. Come visit me - I'll bet you couldn't get up my driveway, even in your new car. I have my 4wd Suburban and my 2wd Saturn parked at the end of the driveway (my driveway is 1/10th of a mile long), so I can get in and out. I haul stuff up from the cars using a sled. I got 1.5 feet of snow, and it's now melting, but it's still impossible to get through!!

  5. I feel for you - our driveway is 1/3 mile long up hill - it' a killer if we have snow but we don't get tons here.


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