Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On the needles.......

I finished knitting a slouch hat the other evening and looking in my knitting bag I found around 1" of this sock on the needles so I pulled it out, figured out what I had done months ago, and got to knitting on it last night. It's a feather and fan pattern, I'm using some Opal yarn from my stash. This may go on the back burner again for a bit as I want to get back to knitting on the felted bag in the evenings and there are a couple shawlettes waiting in the wings..........

Forecast for 107 seems to have been downgraded.......maybe 104 instead........no matter, it's still hot.


  1. I love the feather and fan pattern--it's such a classic. Knitting seems like more of a winter thing though--the thought of having a pile of wool in your lap when it's over a hundred degrees doesn't really appeal somehow.

    Maybe it might be possible to put some "blades" on the spinning wheel to make it work as a fan ;)


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