Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feels good to be weaving......

It's felt great to get some time to weave these past two days - I haven't had all day at the loom but a partial day is better than what it's been lately.

Here's scarf #2 on the painted rayon flake warp - this one has a mauve tencel weft.....

....this one a gray tencel weft. I could have finished up this warp today if it weren't so danged hot - I gave up, will finish it tomorrow and get them washed......then on to the next warp which was going to be another painted warp but I have a customer who wants a red with a bit of black scarf so a warp for that is up next.......need to give thought on the structure/color combo.

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  1. Lovely work! I love the sheen that the scarves have. I'm with you on not loving the heat-it could just go away and I'd be happy, that's for sure.


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