Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New shoes.........

New shoes arrived in the mail yesterday - whoo hoo.  Friend Kathy B was wearing a pair of these at the last spinning get together, I tried them on and decided I needed some. They're called Jambu. She bought them from ShopHQ, someone she works with is the ultimate shopper and this is where they were the best price.  The bottom and toes are similar to Keens, one of my favorite shoe brands.

So I could just stop at one pair - I needed the green because I love this shade of green and wear it often. I can wear these pretty much all winter long here with some lightweight socks.

Now my friend Loyce turned me on to these shoes, Corky's, also similar bottoms and toes to Keens. What enablers my friends are. She bought hers from Amazon, I bought mine from ShopHQ just because I was buying the others there. I was a little worried about these fitting but they fit perfectly. They only came in whole sizes and I wear an 8 or 8 1/2 depending on the shoe brand - I read the reviews that said they ran a little small but was still worried about ordering a 9 - they fit perfectly. There are so many different styles - I might have to get another pair in a few months. Same as the others, I can wear these in the winter much of the time.

This was what I was up to yesterday afternoon after twisting fringe on another chenille shawl and listing it my etsy shop.  A long overdue chore of recording all my (important) books in a spreadsheet in case of fire. I have so many out of print weaving books. And even though I've taken photos of book shelves while documenting our household I could never remember all the books. It took hours to get through the weaving, spinning and dyeing books. This morning I'll finish up with the knitting, crocheting, quilting, craft books. These shouldn't take as long - at least that's what I think.......I also thought I'd get the entire job done yesterday afternoon. That blue book on ikat along with 3 on kumihimo were a challenge as they were written in Japanese.......finally just had to write a small description since I can't translate the titles or authors names.

Forest fires have been gobbling up Oregon acreage this year, mostly in Central Oregon but last week there were 39 lightning caused fires in our area, luckily all taken care of quickly. We, on the extreme west side of the valley heard the thunder but got none of the lightning but this week may be a different story - dry lightning expected for the next 7 days including us on the west side.

A fire 25 miles to the south of us is now 90% contained - relatives of mine lived there for 28 years until they moved to MT 6 years ago, their former home is currently being protected by fire crews. Saw in the fire calls that it started as a grass fire........hmm, don't think this one was lightning caused as there was no lightning reported there.......probably human caused.......

Have I said recently that I hate fire season?  Sam hears it everyday. We're only halfway through fire season (if we're lucky) and the worst is yet to come as everything dries out even more. Fire season will probably not be over until October but sometimes we get much welcomed rain in late September.

Now off to finish up my library inventory so if a wild fire did come through here I'd have a record of all the books I'd want to replace.....and yes, that list along with photos of everything in the house are kept elsewhere........


  1. I like your shoes. You're brave to order them online -- my shoe size varies so much (7- 8/2) that I feel like I always need to try them on. Love my Keens too.

    A while back I had a database and a little bar code reader that made it easier to record all my book titles. It was hard to keep up with, though, and now I don't know where it is. I wonder if you could use something like that, to save time? I bet there's a free bar code reader app for your phone. Get Sam on it!

    1. I usually will only order shoes online that I know feel good on my feet like my Keens, Birkie's and Dansko. I did try on my friend's Jambu's that were my size so I knew those would be ok.......the Corky's I was taking a chance on - they fit great and are uber comfy.

      Yeah, if I had a smart phone maybe I'd have a little bar code reader! Haven't justified getting one - on the internet too much as it is, don't need to carry it with me.......and I rarely use my cell phone as it is. Just finished putting the 500+ books in the spreadsheet - whoo hoo! These are not just books to read, these are all reference - craft/art related. I'm hoping spending all those hours doing it will ensure we'll be safe from fire.

  2. Shoes, glorious shoes! Love them all but especially the red ones. You and I wear the same size...just sayin' ;-)

  3. Cute shoes! Especially the red ones! I thought they were Keens when I first saw the picture. I love Keens too! I'm going to have to visit that website and look around! ;-)

    Yikes! So many fires and now a week of lightning predicted is SO NOT good! I hope it all works out just fine though....fingers crossed!

    1. The lightning hasn't hit us yet - we're right on the fringe so not sure if it will or not but numerous new fires started just in the last hour or so to the east of us - evacuations already over near Ashland.

  4. Love the shoes! I am a huge over of Keen shoes. I will check these out. Be safe. So sorry about the fires. Scary.

  5. Those shoes are really cute. I need to look into them and invest in some real shoes instead of the 2 for $5 flip flops from Gap that I wear all summer. I have two pair of Keens that I wear in the winter, both bought online. I hate to shop so appreciate that you shared these.


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