Thursday, March 27, 2014

Warped.......yep, sometimes I am.........

This afternoon I decided a warp needed to go on the AVL. Yesterday I played in the software designing a draft based on an Iranian tilework design. Our guild challenge this year is to pull a country's name out of a hat can and create something inspired by it - I pulled Iran. Originally I was going to go in a totally different direction creating something with a political statement regarding women but then changed my mind as I didn't need to end up with something I have no use for.  This happened with our 'cutting into your handwoven/create a bra' challenge to use in a display for Breast Cancer Awareness........I spent hours/days on that bra - only one other person created one - 2 bras an exhibit does not make (it's somewhere back on my blog in 2011, I think).  So in a different direction I went to make something I could eventually sell and maybe keep one for myself - a scarf warp, 11 yards for 4 scarves.

 First came winding the warp - don't you just love the look of a cross on the warping board?
Then I wound the warp on the back beam. I love it when a warp winds on like butter. Occasionally tencel can create little halos in the ends which grabs the end next to it - none of this with today's warp.
There are those orderly threads again in the lease sticks -gotta love it.
Here the ends are threaded through the heddles - this is a 32 harness pattern. I'm not fond of texsolv heddles but there's no other option when dealing with this many harnesses.
And here's the warp threaded through the reed ready to tie on the front beam but no time - neighbors are coming for dinner and to play cards so I had to turn off the lights in the studio and come upstairs to start on dinner prep. There's always tomorrow to get it tied on and try out some weft colors. And if I don't like the draft once I see it woven I'll do something else - it's threaded to a straight draw, 1-32, so there is no limit to designs. Would love to get a towel warp on the other loom tomorrow but who knows what life will bring.


  1. Oh dear, I have MAJOR shaft envy! 32 harnesses to play with now that would be fun. Enjoy!

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I measured out my warp for Cuba today.


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