Sunday, March 16, 2014


So are there any ideas out there of what to do with an overabundance of cockle shells? We can't help but pick them up during beach walks but what to do with them all, I can't keep buying the antique blue ball jars for them. They range in size from 1/2" to 2 1/2". I will be making some garland for our holiday tree with some of them but I've got thousands, don't need that much garland. I've already stuffed tons in a small flat rate postage box and sent them off to friend Diane in Idaho to do whatever with, guess she didn't realize what she'd get right after saying in passing "pick me up a shell or two". We also collect the snail shells/hermit crab homes but those aren't as plentiful, only 2 jars full of those.  I'm open to any ideas on what to do with massive amounts of cockle shells - we'll have to quit collecting them otherwise - will have to narrow our search to the snail shells and seaglass........there are agates but those are tougher to find although a couple weeks ago I found a big one.

Now it's back to real life after 4 days on the coast - there is new merino/tussah roving to take photos of, package, label, put in inventory and list in the etsy shop, there are orders to box up and mail.....taxes we've been avoiding - goal to file this week...........sure am hoping there's time to warp up a loom.......
Usual position for Bailey when he's not walking the beach


  1. Bailey really knows how to enjoy the coast! Your shells are pretty but I have absolutely no idea what else you could do with them. Maybe make a sailor's valentine box with them?

  2. Paths? I suppose that would take a "lot" of shells!

  3. Yes a path would take a lot of shells but if we keep collecting we could get there!
    A sailor's valentine box might be fun......will have to think on that one.


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