Friday, March 28, 2014

And back at the warping board...........

Late morning I finally made it to the loom to audition some weft colors for the warp I put on yesterday. All I've decided is that I love the red/purple weft - 2nd from the bottom so that will definitely be one scarf, possibly two. Not sure yet on the other two scarves.

 This afternoon I wound a 12 yard warp for overshot towels in white, light gray and dark gray
 Bailey is not impressed with the warping process
 Here it is wound on the back beam of the Macomber
 Threaded through the heddles
Reed is sleyed and ready to be tied on the front beam but other things had to be done so had to leave it in that state. Not sure when I'll get back to either loom - the next two days I'm in a cardweaving workshop sponsored by my guild, instructor is John Mullarky. Then I've got other things happening Monday and Tuesday, then family coming to visit right after. At least this is a start at getting more weaving time.........

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  1. Auditioned :) I love that! That's a lot of towels - look forward to see what happens to them next.


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