Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Wonderland......for some......

It's a winter wonderland out there......Sam wasn't thinking so as it took him 5 hours to get home from work yesterday, usually a 48 minute drive. He sat for hours on our little section of I5, the major north/south freeway that runs the entire length of the west coast. His 4WD Tundra does great in the snow......if there aren't miles of blocked cars ahead of him. I was beginning to think he might be spending the night out there.

So this is what it looks like now, so beautiful, so serene, hard to imagine the havoc it caused yesterday and is still causing today. This morning more snow flurries and very dark clouds but within a matter of hours the blue sky and sun appeared......too bad it won't do much to help with the snow covered roads as the temps are still below freezing and this evening the prediction is for 6 degrees. But big clumps of snow are falling off the trees every once in a while.

Good day to be inside finishing up gifts and working on our holiday cards. I'm very thankful we never lost power like so many in other areas of the country experiencing ice & snow storms right now.


  1. 5 hours! That's how long it takes us to get from Seattle to Eugene. He must have been in a terrible mood by the time he got home. Glad you're all cozy at home now.

  2. Actually he was ok (surprise) when he got home, while sitting in that 'parking lot' on I5 he just reclined the seat and relaxed.


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