Friday, December 6, 2013

Santa's workshop buzzing along......

The elf, as in me, has been at work in Santa's workshop today, so little time left and there are gifts to mail. I embroidered these waffle weave bags for my nieces, the bag has become the gift wrap, the necklaces the tags - inside are cute tops. I love these butterfly embroideries. Have gotten some other embroidery done for family here but can't put it on the blog as it might be seen......I don't think my nieces have ever looked at my blog so no worries about posting these.

Still snowing like crazy.......not sure when Sam will get home from work, he left early but he's sitting in a 'parking lot' on the freeway 40 miles away and has only traveled 5 miles in the last hour. Luckily he took his 4WD truck today but there's an accident so 4WD isn't helping much at the moment.

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