Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Enough already......

Ok, enough already - the snow is just as beautiful as the day it fell last Friday, it's not all crusty and ugly, it's still fluffy, fly away and powdery.....but it's not going anywhere.....and the weather forecaster was wrong again yesterday, it never got above freezing, doubt it will today. There is hope by Friday but I'll believe it when I see it. I'm tired of hearing the water run in the sink and worrying about pipes freezing which is happening all over the place.....I'm tired of being cold.....I'm not tired of being stuck at home though, that's kind of enjoyable even on day 6.

This morning Bailey and I took our face freezing walk in a different direction, down the driveway. Our driveway is 1/3 mile long, downhill, curvy, in this picture above we've already come out of our gate and onto the common drive we share with 3 other properties, this is halfway to the road. There are some tire tracks, a couple 4WD trucks ventured out and the UPS truck ventured in yesterday although he left our package on the gate, he knew better than to try our section of the drive which is very steep and curvy. See way down the drive? That's where our road is - let's go see if it's improved....

Nah, not much improvement since last Friday - not passable for my mustang if I could make it down our drive without sliding off into the ravine - it will never be plowed or sanded, we just live too far out along with tons of other folks. There is around 2" of solid ice under the snow.

Here's the road looking in the other direction......the Rogue River is at the end of this side, maybe another mile down.....the Rogue River that has ice floating down it which never happens....I have not seen this in person as I can't get there but a friend lives on the river sent a picture of what it looks like with ice on it. Southern Oregon just doesn't get this type of weather - we get snow, it warms up and disappears - we are not used to these prolonged cold temps.

And here's Bailey sitting down at the road...he's loving the snow. Wow, look at that face, he is really getting gray, I don't usually notice it but in the photo it really shows up......I'm not ready for an old dog yet.......

And here's the sun today - up until now we've had sun and blue skies with the cold but not today, we have fog, this was taken at 10:30 this morning.

I took the afternoon off yesterday sitting in front of the fire knitting on Sam's sox while watching a couple movies. Today I've got around 100 pounds of roving to weigh into bags, label, put in inventory and get back up in the etsy shop. Need to put together more felting kits too. I've put this chore off long enough........


  1. I didn't know it got so cold and wintery in that part of Oregon. It's beautiful but...brrrrrr! My husband will have to start traveling there for his job in January. Hmmm....maybe I'll need to knit him a new hat! ;-)

    1. It's usually not this cold & wintery in the valleys - the mountains have snow but when the valleys get snow it's generally short lived. We usually wear lightweight jackets/sweatshirt jackets/vests all winter. A new hat might not hurt the way things are going here!

    2. PS - the usual weather to be concerned about here in the winter is the fog - early morning flights in or out of Medford can be a challenge.

  2. Hmm, well if you've been missing the stick around cold all these years you're lucky. This sounds like most of our winters... :) It IS amazing what a few feet higher brings to the weather situation. Hope it warms up for you today. I am headed to town no matter what. Usual shopping day. Maybe it's time to trade in that Mustang for a Subaru?

    1. Yes, and that's why I wouldn't live at your elevation!!! I like the snow but not on a daily basis all winter and don't want to drive in it.

      Actually we are in the thinking stages of a Subaru for - downsizing from 4 cars to 2 soon which might include getting a new Outback/Forrester or something else similar. Just starting to do research, will get into it in ernest when Sam has time after her retires at the end of the month.


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