Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fiesta merino roving

The other day I put up a pic of the new Ashland Bay roving colorway  Fiesta.  Here's a picture of a sample handspun - I love it.  It's supposed to replace the discontinued Daffodil and Sunflower - well, no where near what daffodil looked like but pretty close to Sunflower which was one of my favs. It's very autumn inspired once spun up. 

Yesterday I took an all day class at Top Stitch, the Berina store in my area, on my new serger - what a great class - Jonathan is a wonderful teacher demystifying sergers in general and Bernina ones in particular. Looking forward to a class he said we can do for those of us with the 1300 model to learn about the chain stitch and cover stitch which others did not have in class yesterday. Jonathan is great, as is his wife Karen who also teaches at the shop.  If you're ever in SW Oregon they've also got a great cotton fabric selection, not the big 4 pattern company patterns, and threads........not to mention machines and irons.........

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