Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blogger issues

Question for others using Blogger for their blogs.  I have not been able to edit gadgets in my sidebar recently in this blog and the one I do for my spinning group. I've tried it on simple text gadgets - when I go to edit I type in the new text line but the save button doesn't save it.  I even tried doing a new gadget and saving it and it wouldn't work.  Finding answers via blogger are hard.  just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I know it's been going on for at least 2 weeks, hadn't updated anything for over a month before so not sure how long it's really been going on.

Update - I did find the community forums (always seems to be a challenge to find) and see others are having the same issue - no fix I could find so I've posted to this conversation too.


  1. In the recent past, my blog list roll would not save any changes I made. I wanted to reduce the list and clear out blogs that weren't posting anymore... but couldn't.

    I eventually had to do a cut and past of the list..... then delete the widget..... then start all over again with a new one. It actually went smoothly and was back up,
    Its a huge pain in the arse not to have direct contact with HUMANS to discuss issues we come across on Blogger. The forum method is NOT working. Some questions sit and wait weeks for an answer or not at all... there need to be some changes made and soon or they will lose many people and content to other sites.
    (Feel free to post this comment there if you like....)

    1. I've tried setting up a new text gadget, cutting and pasting info into it and I hit the save button and nothing happens. Since this morning several others have added to my question at blogger community but still no solutions.........argh.......


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