Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Ok, before you read my post go look at the video on Sharon's blog.....or do it later, whatever you want. I saw her post yesterday and thought wow this looks like great fun. This afternoon after I got back from my spinning group I had to give it a try.
I just pulled out some pieces of roving leftovers, layered them up like in the video, rolled them around the dowel into a rolag and eureka, a nice big long rolag to spin from. This is where you might want to go look at that video if you didn't already because I was so excited doing it I forgot to take pictures along the way.
And here I've started spinning up the sample. I love it, it's got quite a bit of black in it because that's what I was going for but pops of the colors throughout. I've been thinking about carding up a custom blend using black as the primary color but now I'm going to do this instead, using the drum carder would dilute it more than I want.

Thank you Sharon for taking that video during your spindle camp and sharing it with us all. Playing with this is sure to get anyone out of a funk. I would love to get my spinning group together to have a play day making these......and I certainly have the Ashland Bay roving in a ton of colors for us to play with.


  1. Gorgeous colorway and the spindle looks nice too. Thank you so much for sharing this idea and the video link!

  2. I love the colors you got! I don't have the roving to play with and I am jealous.


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