Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Being enabled......

Ok,  as if I need another tote bag (or 2 or 3).....but I'm hoping this will work for a purse too. I saw a post yesterday on Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman's blog about these totes at Target. What an enabler she is. I did give it some time before I went to the Target website but obviously not enough time to keep me from buying not just this gold one (I love yellow of any kind) but also the coral and turquoise ones. This would make a great knitting or drop spindle bag too. My favorite leather bag is a red leather one I got on clearance at Chico's a number of years ago so I'm hoping I love these just as much. If you're local and reading this they do not have them at the Target over in Medford, I checked online, so don't bother making a trip there....just order it online.

I donated numerous purses to Goodwill last year, I think it's time to donate more, there are many I haven't been able part with but I just don't use them and don't think I ever will. And what to do with tote bags???  I have so many. I do use some of the for ongoing projects but they just keep coming each time I attend a conference, and then there are the ones I've bought....and the ones I've sewn or woven. I have a pile of canvas silkscreened conference ones - anyone have any ideas what to do with an abundance of them???

Have I enabled anyone else to buy one of these totes???


  1. Would love to buy one but no Targets (yet) in Canada, I'm sure by the time I get to states again that they will all be gone.

  2. I have so many bags that I have a Xerox box in the top of my studio closet with them - years and years of library conferences. No thanks.

  3. Hi, Cindie ~
    Here's a thought....We have a place here called Sable House, a refuge for abused women & children. I can't remember the name of the one in G.P., but know there is such a place. We were told many of these folks arrive with their possessions in trash bags & would love to have suitcases, bags like our conference bags, & laundry baskets. A rep. for CASA shared the same type of needs for their clients. Check it out. A way for us all to benefit. Sharon (Sherie) Vandergaw

    1. Great idea on new homes for the totes Sherie - thanks! I've thought about taking some of the non-conference types to Bree's Upscale Clothing either here in GP or the one in Bandon - they raise funds for women without insurance or good insurance to get mammograms and prosthesis if necessary after breast surgery. Hope you're doing well.....


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