Friday, February 3, 2012

Hard at

Yesterday I had some time at the embroidery machine stitching water bottle cozies, the blanks are made out of neoprene, after stitching I sew up the side and voila, ready for a water bottle. I also embroidered some golf towels.

Then I decided to be brave and take part of the machine apart to clean it, so with manual at hand I started on it, glad I did, the bobbin case was filled with dust that I'm sure would hamper the sensor and cause stitching issues. I stitched this cute flower on a scrap piece of fabric to make sure I got everything back correctly after cleaning.

Today I spent time twisting fringes on scarves - they won't sell if I don't finish them. Photography comes next.

And my major accomplishment for the day was teaching myself, with a couple pages of instruction, how to use the AVL warping wheel. I was a little skeptical about it being easy to learn but I've got it, and it didn't take terribly long either. What a cool tool for sectional warping - no winding of spools, just work from the cone(s) onto the wheel, then onto the beam. It's like magic! So tomorrow I'll wind an actual warp and get it on the AVL, after I get to weaving and see how I like the tension I'll decide if I'm buying it from a local weaving friend, right now I'd say yes, I think I'm going to like it but will give it a complete warp to make sure.

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  1. How fun er...diligent you've been!
    I need to clean my Brother too. How do you attach the cozy blank inside the hoop?
    Ohhhh the holy grail of sectional warping. I hope that AVL wheel works well for you. I've heard they are just fantastic tools.


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