Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A bit of sewing today....

I really wanted to weave today but I have two tops I wanted to make before my Bernina goes in for it's regular service next week so sewing is what I did instead. I decided to make this t-shirt jacket from a McCall's one hour pattern - hah! It took me an hour to cut out the pattern fabric! It would have been fairly quick to sew if I hadn't been sewing with a knit, lightweight t-shirt fabric. I've never sewn any knits before, all I've ever done is hem up sleeves on long sleeve t's to 3/4 length. Top turned out ok, hangs better on me than on this mannequin. I learned alot about knits that curl up as they're being cut.....I think. Not totally happy with the front hemmed edge that wants to curl to the outside. I thought about turning the hem again but it would be too heavy. It is what it is.....a soft, smooshy, comfy top to wear over a t-shirt with jeans.....and the fabric was only $3/yard at Fabric Depot in Portland.....and at that price I didn't even care that blue is not my color, good fabric to learn on.

Would like to sew up another top tomorrow or Friday, different pattern, rayon fabric, but would really like to get the tension correct on the serger, didn't need it on the t-shirt top. Not sure what happened, tension was perfect, switched from 3 thread back to 4 thread and it's wack-a-do. Need to put on 4 different colored threads to figure it out.


  1. It looks very cute and comfy! I would love to sew some jacket/tops like that but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try knits. You did a great job!

  2. I like that style and have thought about that for myself. Cute!


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