Saturday, February 4, 2012

Embroidery question.....answer

Theresa asked me a question on my last post having to do with embroidering the water bottle cozies. I thought I would answer here in case anyone else is interested.  For the cozies along with other small items to embroider, collar points, etc. that can't be hooped there's a sticky back stabilizer available. This is where I buy it - ThreadArt. It comes in the little 8x8 sheets or on a roll. I'm sure it can be bought at many other places too but this is where I've gotten it. I watched a video on how to stitch the cozies and it shows hooping the sticky back stabilizer, then scoring the top protective sheet of it and pulling it off leaving the sticky in your hoop (but it's not sticky anywhere that it actually touches the hoop). Now anything can be placed on it and held in place while embroidering. But I found one major issue - within a minute the machine needle becomes gummed up and thread breaks, of course it would going through all that sticky stuff. So, I've added another step - after removing the protective sheet on top of the sticky I actually cut a hole in the sticky part a tiny bit bigger than my embroidery design, then put a piece of regular stabilizer over it, just big enough to stick around the edge of the cut edge, the rest of the sticky is there to hold the fabric being stitched. Not sure if this makes sense but it will if you use the sticky back stabilizer. Works like a charm.

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