Thursday, December 22, 2011

More buttons......

More buttons!!! And I love these buttons, they're all old ones and they came with a fascinating story. I won't relate the entire story since it's not my story but they were gifted from weaver friend Nadine. She grew up in logging camps here in Southern Oregon and many of these buttons were ones that were in an old treadle sewing machine cabinet drawer. There are some really beautiful ones. And some of those are the cards aren't that old but they have prices of just 15 cents on them. I'll be finding the perfect canning jar to hold them all and will store their story with them for others to read long after both Nadine and I are gone. Of course, some may be used here and there for special projects in the meantime!

Finally this morning I finished up the last gift - socks for Sam. I can't believe how down to the wire I have gotten...whatever happened to those days when I had gifts made by autumn.......

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  1. Ooooh....more buttons! One can never have too many buttons! Looks like some great ones!


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