Wednesday, December 28, 2011


....not sure why but I haven't felt like posting to my blog, no pictures to share....well, maybe there would be if I took pictures of some of the things I made for gifts since I made some for myself.....just don't have the umpf in me to take the pictures.... dreaming of weaving, haven't done near enough this past year, the new avl awaits me, plan is to get it warped up next week with a sample/play warp to get the bugs ironed out.....too many other things going on, no time for it this week....

....have around 35 pounds of roving to weigh, bag and label (take pix of new colors) so it can go up for sale in one of my etsy enthusiam for that job either but it's got to be done, good mindless work to do while watching a movie, maybe tomorrow afternoon....

....I do wish everyone a safe and peaceful new year, I know ours will be low-key, relaxing and very enjoyable, exactly how we like it!


  1. Melancholia is quite common this time of year. All the pressure is a deal breaker for many!

    I had a bad situation happen to me at Christmas in 1987 and for many years after I simply could not deal with Christmas. Even now, I have to work on it.
    ..and I don't think we're alone on this.

    I haven't touched a loom since the second week of November when my hub took ill and that was that.

    I want to get back into it and hopefully soon...but I'm thinking its time to change it up and do something different. Not the same old, same old...

    Great thing about a new year is that its a whole new year!


  2. Thanks Susan......yes, I had two tough Christmas holidays 5 & 6 years ago with my father in the hospital over one, him succumbing to cancer the next. I'm definitely starting gifts early in the year so I don't have that crazy time crunch at the last minute - I'm not one of those that thrives on last minute deadlines. Maybe next year I'll be able to sit back and enjoy the holidays.


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