Friday, January 14, 2011

One beat me, the other didn't.....totally.......

Today I decided to try and work on my serger (no pic of that) - I bought this inexpensive Brother serger from Costco in either 1989 or 1990. I never got it serviced or cleaned professionally until a couple years ago, never had a problem with it until I got it professionally serviced - argh! I'm not sure why I took it in, maybe I was feeling guilty because I hadn't. Oh well.....deed is done. So, today I decided to work on it and get it running perfectly again.....well, the machine won the battle. I've followed the book on how to adjust tension and no luck.....and the worst part is that the book has pictures of what bad stitches look like and how to fix them, and there are many of them, what mine looks like is nothing like any of the pictures. So I gave up....I hate giving up but....
So on to the Bernina. No issues with my beloved Bernina that I bought 4 years ago - I love it. I bought a new foot recently, #69, for sewing a rolled hem. Karen, co-owner with hubby Jonathan of our local Bernina shop, took it out of the package at the store and demonstrated it for me back before the holidays. She started the rolled hem a bit differently than Bernina's instructions. Today on scrap fabric I did lots (and I mean lots) of practicing and have finally mastered getting it started perfectly. My problem is, and I hope someone else out there has an answer, is that when I get to the end of a side of my napkin that was already hemmed it doesn't come out even, the top turned over edge is a bit longer. In the Bernina foot book it says to pull the fabric on a bias to remedy this, but after many, many tries this only made that corner look worse. Does anyone else have experience with this? I'm sure other machines have similiar feet so having a Bernina wouldn't matter. If I can't figure it out I will stop by to ask Karen about it next time I'm in Medford, if they were located 10 minutes away I would have been there this afternoon. I'm anxious to make napkins for the beach, we only use cloth napkins here at home and want to do the same over there. And since my serger isn't cooperating I can't do a rolled hem on it! 


  1. I don't have that foot for my Bernina, but I have played a little with the one for the 40. No clue, but I would be interested to see what Karen says.
    It is such a nice shop. Wish they worked on things other than Bernina's though. Some day I'll have to take my White serger in. Kill me now...

  2. Yes, if Jonathan would work on machines other than Bernina's I would have taken my serger there. I take my Bernina in every year since it's a bargain if you do it each year without fail plus 15% off in the store all year long.

    Very depressing about my serger, it worked great for years, never a problem until I decided to be a good serger owner and have it serviced....guess I should have never done it.

  3. I have a Juki industrial I bought a few years back with my Tax Return $. I love it. Art Quilts, scrub hats, bags, SO much fun! Enjoy!


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