Saturday, January 15, 2011

Future beach quilt

I've decided it's time to start thinking about the quilts for the beach cottage. Originally I had planned on quilts for all 4 beds (queen, full and 2 twins) but I picked up a couple of antique quilts for the twins in the one bedroom that don't match at all but everytime I walk by that room I smile when I look at them. That tells me don't replace them, leave them on the beds and enjoy them. So here's what I have planned for the full size bed - a log cabin quilt in these colors. The dark teal the center square, the lights and the darks the log cabin pieces. I have no clue if I have enough fabric but you'd think so - there's a total of 18 yards. I just bought on speculation not knowing which beds or what pattern I'd use. And I'm not using an actual 'recipe' other than how to do a log cabin block (which I've done before) so there's no book telling me how much I needed of each color. If I do run out when it comes to the outside border I can find something that will go with. I've chosen the full size to get the purples & lavendars because Sam has said for the almost 28 years we've been married that purple makes his head hurt - at least he won't have to sleep in a room with purple. Not sure what our beds color scheme or pattern will be but it will include shades of teal and maybe a bit of coral.....will figure that out after this one is done. So, not sure when I'll actually start sewing but today I'm washing fabric so it's ready when the mood strikes. And I won't be hand quilting or doing the machine quilting myself - much easier to drop it off for a long arm quilter to do! Need to get something on the loom soon..........

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  1. Oh very pretty and what a fun project. I love the fabric on the far left, bottom of the spread.


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