Monday, January 31, 2011

Decisions, decisions........

I'm starting to think about the first quilt top for the beach cottage. It's so hard, maybe it would be easier if I were following an exact pattern and trying to copy something close to that pattern. But I know how to make a log cabin square so that's what I'm going to do, no pattern to tell me how much fabric to buy so I over-bought but I would have probably done that anyhow and I don't want to have rules that I feel compeled to follow. This is just a fraction of the fabric I've bought. I'm auditioning these for the log cabin squares, my  6 lights, my 6 darks and my center square in coral. I'm thinking of pulling randomly from a pile of light strips and dark strips to create the squares rather than having them all look identical. I do have many other darks but no other lights so I'm not sure if I should try to find more and add them to the mix or what. I have many medium colors that won't work for log cabin but will show up in one of the other quilts. Still not sure on the coral center square, I suppose I might end up having to make up a block to see how I like it. Any advice is welcome. So, these fabrics will sit and marinate for a bit because in the next week I've got to take my Bernina in for it's yearly maintenance - I don't want to miss getting it in on time because if I do it every year on time it's only  $39.95 plus I get 15% off in the shop for the entire year.

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  1. They are all pretty Cindie. I've always fond it easier to do a test square and just pull what I didn't like in it and replace it. HTH!


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