Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silk and Tencel Devore Sample

Here's a devore sample on the silk/tencel warp. I am so glad I'm doing samples on each scarf warp before burning out the cellulose fiber on the real scarf. This is the first sample where the edges have been ragged after the burnout - that's the tencel fraying. So no burnout on the actual scarf off this warp. Of course before I did this sample I put another warp on using tencel - this time with wool. I just finished weaving it, maybe will get to the devore sample of that tomorrow - will see if it's a repeat of fraying edges to confirm that tencel is not a good fiber choice or was the above sample just a fluke.

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  1. So glad you're sharing your devore samples online. It's very interesting to see the results without having to do all that work myself!!

    Thanks for the support on the idea of a trip to Banff. I hope it works out - I know it would be wonderful!!

    No need to kill for a Sarah Fortin sewing workshop!!! I don't know if she's scheduled to teach out west anywhere, but New England is very nice to visit. September at Harrisville would be nice, or I think she'll be offering it again at other venues at other times of year.

    We'd love to entice you out this way for a visit!



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