Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another devore warp.........

It's time to get back to the loom. I've been stagnant - am not overly enthused about the guild program I need to give in April on woven devore and since I won't let myself weave anything else until the program is finished I haven't been weaving. Today I decided I needed to get the second to the last warp for the program on the loom - it's soy silk (pink) and bamboo (mauve). At the end of this scarf warp I'll weave a little sample to try out the devore on before doing it on the actual scarf. The bamboo will burn out where I apply the burnout paste, the soy silk will not.

The final warp for this program will be using commercial sewing thread, T105, which is a cotton covered's on it's way here from Textura Trading. The cotton will burn out leaving a much thinner thread of only polyester. I understand it's not very drapey so will probably sample first and not assume it will make a nice scarf. It only comes in white but can be dyed. From what I understand disperse dyes are used but I'm not sure why fiber reactive dyes couldn't be used, the cotton would dye, the polyester not.....might be interesting.


  1. Cindie, this is intriguing! I might just crash that guild meeting in April so I can see them in person.
    I have seen devore with silk and cotton but not soy silk and bamboo. Looking forward to seeing the finished scarf.

  2. Commercial sewing thread...YIKES! What will the sett be? 60epi or something like that?
    You are so diligent Cindie, that is so hard to keep weaving something that doesn't excite you.

  3. I've woven with sewing thread in the past - this is actually a bit thicker, haven't figured out the sett yet, will let you know when I start weaving with it.

    Yes, Renee crash the guild meeting. Previously I had only seen the commercial devore with silk & rayon, this is handwoven. Meeting is the same, 2nd Saturday of the month at the library, 1pm.

  4. It's always so hard to get motivated for projects that you don't like. (I pretty much just avoid taking on those projects.....which isn't always nice for my weaving guild or local weaving group....but when my motivation leaves sometimes it takes me years to get it back.)

    Your guild is lucky to have you putting this workshop together!!



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