Thursday, February 25, 2010

More curling............

As I watch the cute little Swedes losing the curling match (is it called a match?) in End 9 I feel for them but they are young and have gone so much further than expected - and the Canadian team is incredible so I would have been surprised had they not won. But the Swedish team still has a chance for the bronze on Saturday..........yes, I have it written down when the women are playing tomorrow for medals and when the men are playing Saturday. I just read comments from Theresa and Susan on my last post where I talked about curling - had me smiling. And yes, congrats to Canada for how well they're doing in the Olympics!

So, on the weaving front I did get that other warp woven, the white T-105 cotton covered polyester thread. Now I can think about projects I 'want' to weave - first off being a quick chenille scarf a customer mentioned wanting if I ever wove teal and salmon together, then fingertip towels for a multi-guild towel exchange.

The UPS truck was here a bit ago with 2 boxes totalling 89 pounds of Ashland Bay rovings - some new colors and a number of replacement colors for those I've sold out of. It's always fun to open those boxes but it also means lots of time spent weighing out fiber and packaging it in 8 ounce bags.

After I cut the warp off the loom I remembered I hadn't sewn on the leather handles I ordered from Homestead Heirlooms for the grazing sheep bag I knit and felted. Below is the finished bag. This pattern was out of the book 'I Heart Felt', I made a few changes to the pattern as I went. The handles were hard on the fingers to sew on but they are oh so nice and had great instructions on how to sew them on with the wooden buttons on the backside. Many thanks to my friend Kathy for telling me about the two gals who do this leatherwork. When I ordered the handles I also ordered some leather oak leaf pins complete with little wooden acorn embellishments.


  1. And I am sitting watching the Norwegians in their checkered pants playing the Swiss .They are in the final!!! Now back to earth I love your sheep bags.

  2. And they aren't showing that game here - only the one men's today, I was so disappointed! I love those pants! They've got to be really fun guys to have worn them.

  3. And I love your sheep bag with the great lining!
    I told Gene curling was a sport devised by women to prove men could sweep......hmmmmmm Didn't work!
    Boy, I have gotten hardly anything done this week, still kind of dragging butt but just reading about all the industry happening over at your place is enough...for now. ;-)

  4. I love your sheep bag!! It's gorgeous!

    The Olympics already feel really long ago to me. I miss them!



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