Thursday, October 29, 2009

On the loom now........

Here's what's on the loom now. Yesterday I put on a random striped warp in rayon chenille. I used black, light blue and a variegated blue. It's so hard for me to just go to the warping board and start winding randomly - I usually plan out all warps but I decided to try and step out of the box yesterday - what a challenge for me!
This scarf I'm using a novelty rayon sparkley black yarn as weft. It's a fiber I've used often weaving chenille scarves - adds just a bit of sparkle without looking metallic. This is actually the third scarf on the loom that will hopefully be woven off today........I've also got an Ashland Bay order that arrived yesterday that needs to be weighed out and bagged for sale and a weaving guild newsletter to get out by tomorrow at the latest, preferably today.
I used a blue rayon chenille weft for this scarf adding a black accent at each end of the scarf -
the striped border is a bit different at each end. This scarf I used black chenille as the weft.
I love weaving chenille - it's so yummy feeling and is a fast weave which is needed to add more stock for sale with the holidays fast approaching

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  1. Those scarves look great! I have a few stray cones of chenille - in similar colors actually. Hopefully I'll get inspired in that direction soon!



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