Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday's dye day results

These are pictures of the superwash merino roving I dyed on Monday. There is anywhere from 1-3 pounds of a colorway - 14 1/4 pounds dyed overall. I did have a couple small pieces that I spun up samples of last night. I love the way both of them spun up. Big problem with doing all this dyeing is that I want to spin it all!!! But these will gradually make their way into my etsy shop for sale. I have a short dye day planned for today - just 3 pounds of merino/bamboo and 3 pounds of merino/tencel and maybe some silk scarves. The silk scarves will be getting a base dyeing upon which they'll either have another round of dyeing, shibori technique, or some surface design like stenciling, silkscreening or stamping.

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  1. Nice dye job! The scarves sound like they will be quite fun to do.
    Love, love, love the mens striped socks! You are just so productive Cindie!


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