Friday, August 7, 2009

Instead of fiber today..........

Instead of playing with fiber today a friend and I played with peaches and make peach jam - 50 jars of peach jam from one lug I picked up on Wednesday. We made 4 batches of straight peach jam, then I happened to have bought a flat of blueberries so we replaced around 25% of the peaches with blueberries and made 4 more batches that way (the red looking jam). Some batches were regular jam, some lower sugar - both taste great! Hmm, might have to make some scones and clotted cream soon to give this jam a proper taste test.

On the fire front - not sure where the fires are that were sparked by the lightening in the big storm we had 2 nights ago but lots of helicopters going over our house - flight path is east - west. The copter with the bucket flew over yesterday evening, then the big copter at least 8 times. Today the big copter numerous times and just now the one with the bucket was flying so low it vibrated the house, started wondering as I was standing on the deck watching how close that bucket was to the chimney. Still not sure where they,re heading but I know it's not terribly close to us.


  1. Your jam looks delicious .I hope the fire dies down,there are too many og them around the world.Take care

  2. Looks delicious and the kitchen must have smelled heavenly. Did you use a pressure cooker? Care to share the recipe? Hope you guys had some rain to help with those fires in your area. Darn cold yesterday with temps never getting above 56 up here. Quite a difference after almost 100.

  3. peach jam recipe is from the leaflet in the Sure-Jell package - peach blueberry jam we just replaced around 1 cup of peaches with 1 cup of crushed blueberries. And no, no pressure canner for jam, I do it the old fashion way of hot packing, turning the jar upside down for 5 minutes, then right side up to cool - tops make a popping sound as they seal.


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