Friday, July 24, 2009

New warp on the loom.........

This is the painted warp that I got on the loom today. The left picture is looking at it from the back so the colors all show. The picture on the right is where I used some purple weft left on a bobbin to spread out the warp after tying on the front beam. Then the forest green weft and rust weft are colors I'm sampling to use for the scarves. I'll think on it but I'm leaning toward weaving one scarf with the green and one with the rust. The fiber is 8/2 tencel, I dyed it using procion mx fiber reactive dyes. The weave structure is a plaited twill, I've used this particular one before in scarves.

The weekend will be spent away from the loom, I'm taking a stained glass stepping stone class. I haven't played with glass in well over 20 years. It should be very fun and hopefully the studio we'll be working in is air-conditioned - the temp is forecast to be over 100.

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  1. WOW! Beautiful warp! While I'm always partial to green, that rust looks great too.
    Have fun at the class. Hope it's got a/c too! The temps have been killer these last few days in the valley. We're staying cooler, hovering around 88-91 but the nights have been slow to cool down. Pity it's always sweltering during fair week.


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