Monday, March 11, 2019

This and that......

 I finally got back to this towel warp, a dornick twill. But imagine my surprise as I took this photo and saw a little shadow on the wood of the front beam, see it to the left there. At first I figured there was something on the top of my loom creating a shadow.......

 ....but no, here it is again in this photo - see it along the left side - it looks like a spot on the towel. Then I held the camera up to the wall and yep, it was still there. We looked at the lens with a loop and could see something but no matter how hard we tried to clean it, it was still there. I have no clue what happened between last week and this to the camera, it was just sitting in its case right where I left it.

This photo had the spot cropped out of it.  I need to take photos of 5 colors of towels but have no clue if I can manage to take them all so I can edit out that spot. A new camera is on the horizon which doesn't make me happy as I love the one I have - it's small and takes nice pictures.

The AVL is still warped up for scarves, the loom at the beach cottage has a towel warp beamed awaiting threading of heddles & time over there. I want to start work on an art quilt for over our couch but I realized this month is when I take my machine in for cleaning/service so that will be put off for a few weeks - machine will go in this week. I do have an inexpensive Brother I use for classes that I can sew on if need be but I love my Bernina and how exact it sews so I'll wait until I have it back.

Although 27 when we got up this morning it will get up to 60 by afternoon. It's time to get a trailer load of garden soil for the raised beds we've put in. I can't wait to have a little garden again. It's just two small 3x8 raised beds but it's enough for right now. If I feel like I want another couple beds I'll add them next year. I pruned the 2 plum and 2 apple trees last month in addition to the grape vines. I can't believe how much we have in this city lot. We put in a fig tree last fall and I can see a few leaf buds so it looks like it's made it through its first winter. The gingko tree we put in last fall also has buds all over it. So much yard work to do out front but that will come in time, a previous owner got the idea that half the front yard being gravel was a good thing - not!!!


  1. I have a similar problem with a fixed lens Panasonic. First time it happened, 4 years ago, the repair man explained that a fixed lens camera can get a tiny speck of dust on the telescoping lens and when it returns to the off position the dust speck is carried into the mechanism and shows as the faint grey shadow. He repaired it for approx. $100 Can - now the problem is back and I'm trying to decide if it is worth spending money to repair a 7 yr. old camera - and is it worth spending a lot on another similar camera?? Good luck.

    1. Thank you for your comment - it certainly helps to at least know what may have caused it.


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