Thursday, January 10, 2019


 My feeders pull in lots of little birds like chickadees, pine siskins, finches and the occasional big stellar jay, but the other day I saw a bird I didn't know on the suet feeder. I asked my friend and big time birder Yvonne what it was as looking through the bird book is overwhelming to me and even then I'm most often wrong.

It's a starling. I see starlings in flight but have never seen one close up, I didn't realize all the colors and spots in their feathers.  I am loving having feeders at this house - at our previous house the bear could get the feeders no matter how high we hung them on cables between trees.


  1. Starlings colors change as the season progresses. And you might not be so happy about them as time goes on. 😊

    1. Thanks Peg, I didn't know they changed colors. I do know that they leave their eggs for other birds to raise and are not the nicest. Will have to read up more about them.


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