Friday, December 21, 2018


Today was a much needed day of nesting here at home. The only time I left the house was when we took Bailey for a walk this morning. Have I said how much I love this neighborhood for walking? It's the best. There are some hills but they're good for us.......

I sewed up some valances for my studio spaces. Here in the weaving room I made a short little valance from cute llama fabric from my stash. The fabric makes me smile. Yes, that's a ladder in front of 'Rose Lane' on the side yard..........we've got to find a place for it so I don't have to see it out my window.

Here's the sewing room valance - it's hard to see in the picture but the fabric is a print of thread spools, also from my stash. Really tough to see but there is a cow out the window.

And I couldn't stop sewing so I made covers for my 3 sewing machines (the ones that stay out). For the back machine, the serger, I used the same spool fabric as the valance. The front two machines are in a graphic lettering fabric, also from my stash. The left machine is the little Brother embroidery machine - when I need the Bernina serger I just change places with it. The machine on the right is my Bernina regular machine. I did hang a couple of things........maybe tomorrow I can hang the rest of the 'stuff' for the weaving and sewing rooms and gradually move into the rest of the house. It's about time to get artwork on the walls instead of them leaning against the walls.


  1. The house looks like it is coming along beautifully. BTW, the Christmas card was so pretty and fun! Such a clever girl you are.

    1. I suppose I should post our holiday cards now that they've all been received.

  2. Love the valences and sewing machine covers! It's fun to see all the special touches as you keep adding to your new house.

  3. I've been thinking I need to make a cover for my sewing machine, now that it's out all the time. Although I don't have a fabric stash (too much yarn!) I'm sure I can pick some up at the little local store where all sorts of things are donated and purchases support local senior services.


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