Monday, December 24, 2018


Festive wear for dog walking. I knit the rolled brim hat a couple years ago but never wore it because I wasn't sure if I'd gift it or keep it. I decided I needed some mittens to match so I found some red wools in my that matched pretty good. I'll wear this set on morning walks when I'm in a red mood as opposed to the purple mood. Tomorrow morning will definitely be red as it seems very festive.


  1. SWEET! I have yet to conquer mittens and frankly, I sure could use a few pairs. I love the idea of the fisherman's mittens you shrink to felt and waterproof....
    You will look quite festive on your walks during the holiday season. Have you started the spinning yet?

    1. Mittens are easy - this pattern was a challenge to figure out in a couple spots but once I wrote down clear instructions they were a snap. Yes, knitting mittens to felt would be great. Also, recycle a wool sweater by felting it and then cutting out and sewing mittens.

  2. Festive indeed! And I love the fact that the hat looks like it already has snowflakes on it.


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