Monday, April 9, 2018

I couldn't resist.........

 While on the coast we frequently go to second hand/antique shops. We pretty much furnished the cottage over there from them.  Why we still go I'm not sure since we have no room for any other pieces of furniture.........but we're hooked. So.........this machine was marked down to $65, I couldn't leave it there, it had to come home with me, if it hadn't been marked down I could have easily walked on by.  Does it work? I have no clue yet, that's not the point, the point is I love to look at it.
This one has a cabinet that goes over top the machine rather than it folding down. It's so pretty.  Now where will it live??? I have no clue. There is no room in the beach cottage..........and here at home I've got one without the machine and it has a marble top, and I've got one with the machine, it's the type that folds down and has a cover. So......where will a 3rd machine live??? I have no clue yet. We didn't have room to bring it all back here to the valley so we brought the machine and lid - next time over we'll bring the desk part. Bailey refused to let us put the back seat down in order to bring it all home, he was not sitting next to that 'thing' - he wanted 'his' back seat. So.........I've got some time to figure out where to put it.......


  1. It is a beauty and I would not have been able to leave it in the store at that price. Great find.

  2. Well you sure won't hear any admonishments from me! Looks like a real beauty. Love that coffin type cover.

  3. I don't blame you for snapping it up!! It's gorgeous!!


  4. Hmmmm....wonder what happened to the comment I left on Monday? I did it from my phone, and never go to the robot or 'your message will appear...' notice.

    Anyway, here's roughly what I said. This is exactly why I no longer go to thrift stores unless I am looking for something to fill a specific need in terms of purpose or size. Too many things came home with me that I didn't need - impulse buys - and I want to stop doing that, to be more in control of reducing my stash, both of yarn and of 'stuff.'

    1. Never saw your original comment - lost in blogger space.

      I can see I no longer should be frequenting thrift stores because I just don't need a single thing! There was a purpose to furnish the beach cottage and now we've gotten into the habit but there's no more space for one more piece of furniture.


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