Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A bit of stitching..........

 When searching for something else in my studio I came across stamped pillowcases ready for embroidery. I bought them several years ago, they got put in a cabinet and forgotten. Lo and behold they go great with the embroidered quilt I have on the guestroom bed at the beach cottage. So off to buy embroidery floss to match the quilt and start stitching. I'm halfway through pillowcase #2 - I've got 4 of them to stitch. It's so fun to do and how rewarding to have them go perfectly with this quilt.

I finally decided how to spin the 12 Days fiber. The first 3 (on the left) bothered me at how they didn't flow with the other jewel tones. They're perfect with the graphic the collection was based on but not perfect to my eye.  So I pulled off bits from the jewel tones to mix in the first 3, and I pulled bits off those to add to the jewel tones.  Just little bits but I think it's enough to tie them all together. I divided each colorway into two so I can spin on two bobbins and then ply them together. I'm pretty sure I'll stick with that decision. I'll probably start spinning this evening.

Fun to have some different projects to be working on but I must get back to weaving - it's been way too long. I'm vowing to mark days off on the calendar and not let others intrude on me getting back to nesting here at home. First off to do is weave more boundweave samples as I've got a guild program to present in early March, then present it again to another guild in April. I've got all my notes together to compose a good handout, that will take a big chunk of time. Luckily I've got some samples from when I presented this topic back in 1999 so I'm not starting from scratch, just have to fill in a few blanks.

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  1. Those stamped embroidery pillowcases are adorable, and you are correct - they go beautifully with that quilt.

    I'll watch your spinning...not one of my skills at all.


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