Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More chenille.........

I wove off the other chenille scarf warp on the beach cottage loom and put this citron chenille warp on. I love, love, love this color........added some fun novelty yarn in one section, would have added more but this was all I had left of that ball. It was a valued ball having used it several times in other projects but now it's gone and most probably not available any longer. Hmm, I might have to keep one of these scarves for myself.

And Bailey was doing what he does best while on the coast - when not walking the beach he's planted on the couch with his Buster........and Buster is looking worse all the time and is a bit smelly now. I might throw him in the washer and see how he comes out. If he doesn't make it that's ok, I have a brand new back up Buster hidden away.......


  1. Ooooo...that neon lime is great! Never had that color of yarn myself, so it's great to see it. And I, too, have learned to have backups of the favorite dog toys.

  2. That's scarf is fantastic! I like the color and that bit of other yarn you added.

  3. Bailey's favorite toy got a laugh out of me, he looks so satisfied.


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