Friday, April 14, 2017

A bit of weaving

A bit of weaving happened today........finally. Two baby blankets woven, one to go. This is tough weaving for me - the reach is a bit more than my arms are comfortable with so I can't weave too long. Can't wait to get these off the loom but tomorrow is supposed to be lovely outside so may have to work in the yard instead.

 Recently woven scarves finally photographed and listed in my etsy shop. Above hand-dyed tencel in a twill weave structure.

Chartreuse rayon chenille with a few stripes of novelty yarn in purple, teal and blue. I like this one so much I'm keeping one for myself..........chartreuse is one of my favorite colors if not my all time fav.

Another rayon chenille scarf in two shades of seafoam green. Fibonacci striping in the warp. Half the weft is the lighter shade of seafoam, half is the darker shade. The colors are very close so it's a subtle difference.

Not really the time of year to be listing chenille scarves for sale but that's what I'm weaving on the loom at the beach cottage right now so I might as well put them in the shop.


  1. Ooohhhhh, pretty scarves. I too am a big fan of apple green (can't spell shartruse). The baby blanket is the coolest one I've seen yet, love the bright primary colors.

  2. Think of all the babies that will be cuddled in beautiful blankets. Chartreuse is one of my favorites too. Please keep all the items I want to steal in the same place. It will make it so much easier to sneak them out to the car the next time I visit! ;-)

  3. Lovely work, all. And if you're like me, you can never predict what will sell, whether it's on Etsy or at a show. If you made it you might as well list/show it - at least that's my working style.


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