Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two new shawls & stash sale yarn update

I finally got the shawls recently woven finished up - they needed to be washed and have the fringes twisted. These are woven in an undulating twill pattern in rayon, rayon slub, bamboo, rayon cotton novelty and rayon seed novelty yarn. These make me think beach wedding or beach/cruise vacation.
There are shades of taupe, peach, off white and pale mint green in the warp.  In this one I used a white novelty rayon for the weft. This shawl is so light and lovely, almost fly away......

.....this one I used a heavier weft in a peach rayon seed yarn - it's a heavier shawl but still perfect for cool summer nights.  Both are available in my etsy shop in the Shawls - Handwoven section of the shop.

There's an update to the Stuff for Sale section of this blog - more destashing of yarns. Details can be found in the Stash Sale Section of my other Etsy Shop.


  1. The shawls look just lovely. I am once again tempted to buy some of your yarn for socks...this time the baruffa lang, but can't find any online reviews related to socks. It looks yummy. Should I take the leap?

    1. I haven't knit with any of the baruffa lang but it looks like it might be a good blend for socks......but having no experience with it I can't say for sure.


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