Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Been knitting away the past couple weeks on Mukluk slippers for gifts (Pure & Simple Mukluk pattern). Very fun to knit and very comfy on the feet. These and others knit so far are out of acrylic chunky yarn for easy care for those who do not enjoy hand washing......enjoy is putting it lightly, detest and never wash is more like it if they had to hand wash 100% wool.


  1. I perked right up when I read easy, and chunky yarn. How is the sizing? They look like a very nice quick knit. Love the colors on that one. Wonder what it would be like in cotton? Any thoughts?

    1. Sizing is looking pretty spot on so far - there are 4 sizes in the pattern, I've made 2 sizes so far. I'd be wary of cotton - it's not going to have the memory of other yarns and the slippers may stretch out. I'm using acrylic because of who these will be going to but for us I'll be using 100% wool, most probably some chunky handspun I've had around the studio for a long time.


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