Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Year of the Monkey

 Yesterday we went to Jacksonville for the Chinese New Year Parade. It turned out to be a beautiful day after it poured overnight.

 I love the dragons - so fun. There's a big history of the Chinese in this area due to the gold mining - not necessarily good times.

 I tried to get some pix of the hula dancers since two of my spinning friends were dancing in the parade but I only had my phone and I didn't get good pix of them. These 3 dragon pix were the only good ones I got out of the bunch.

 When we got home I got to work on stringing beads for the kits for the bow weaving program I'll be teaching at my weaving guild in April.

Stringing these size 8 beads on 5/2 perle cotton is quick work using a dental flosser. Of course putting together the number of kits I need will still take a number of hours to complete but it's a mindless, good watching movies on Netflix chore. Would love to get back to this today but today is sit down in front of the computer with Turbo Tax Home & Business day - argh.........


  1. Thanks for coming out to the parade Cindie. Seeing our friends in the crowd is awesome. Great dragon pics. And yes it was a beautiful sunny day.

    1. And we came just to see your hula group Yolanda........and to get a lunch out on the way home........

  2. I didn't even know Jacksonville HAD a Chinese New Year's parade.....
    Looked like great fun.

    1. Yes, they've had it for years, pretty well promoted in the papers and on local tv.


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