Sunday, February 7, 2016

New giftwrap

The past several years my go-to gift wrap is Trader Joe's paper grocery sacks that I sew into gusseted gift bags. I've found some more gift wrap in a drawer in my bedroom dresser.  Old t-shirts.........old t-shirts, many of them never worn, that won't ever be worn because I don't like crew neck shirts......I don't like that tight feeling around my neck.  I always wear scoop or v neck tops - no turtle necks for me either.  So, it's time to clean out that drawer so my other drawers can be spread out and not stuffed to the top.

This is my test gift/tote bag. It's not 'as' functional as it could be because years ago I had cut this t-shirt off and re-hemmed to be waist length rather than below the hips......I still didn't wear it due to that crew neck. So, this bag isn't as big/long as it could be..........but it was a test so that's ok.

I first cut off the sleeves leaving the sleeve seam intact to add strength to the handles. Then I took a plate to mark a half circle and cut a scoop out of the neck. I would have made it a bit deeper if I wouldn't have cut the fish heads off.  Then I turned it inside out and sewed a bottom seam and gussets at each bottom corner. That's all there is to it.

Here it is holding 16 yards of cotton fabric all folded up. So, even though it's not as big as I would have liked it's still holding quite a bit of fabric and weight.

Now off to clean out that t-shirt drawer..........I've got some really great shirts in there that may have been worn once, or maybe not at all..........

And yes, I've gotten sidetracked from something I should be working on........gathering tax stuff together, personal and business........


  1. This seems way more fun than tax stuff! And I'm on the web instead of gathering mine.....

  2. What a great use of old T-shirts! I may give it a try. I wonder if you can ball them up to fit in your purse (so you don't forget when you go to the store).

    1. oh yes, you can ball them up, fold them, whatever. I know - I've got that problem of forgetting to put bags back in my car and then carry them in the store but I'm working on being better at it.


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