Friday, December 18, 2015


I've been doing some long overdue nesting and have been having a grand time. I did a bit of this and that today and then late in the afternoon I decided I should start embroidering some towels. I'm actually thinking ahead, very rare, and working on some for Valentine's Day. Tomorrow I'll get back to them - in addition to Valentine's I'll be stitching more sheep, spinning wheels and trees. All will be listed in the Etsy shop as soon as they're finished.

Starting to think about getting back to weaving and have another sewing project planned, an afghan/throw for me.........need to shop for fabric for it so it may be a while.


  1. Pretty heart towel Cindie! You'd rather a fabric throw than a woven one?

    1. I've been snuggling under a handspun handwoven throw for years. It was from some local Romney, it's pilled like crazy. I had thoughts of de-pilling it but it's way too overwhelming. I could weave another throw but I'm loving sewing right now so a quilted one it will be and I'm thinking of using the woven one for the inside batting - it will really be warm then.


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