Thursday, December 10, 2015


 This past weekend we were over on the coast and decided to go to the new location of the Coos History in Coos County, OR. We were there fairly early on Sunday which meant we had the museum to ourselves, others were coming in as we were leaving - it was great.

 Ok, not sure what's up with Blogger and pictures with turning this one sideways. I didn't have any better luck using the drag and drop option for adding pictures either - that wanted to put them side by side. Oh well.....hopefully this won't be a continuing issue. Anyhow - back to the photo - this is a huge cedar dug out canoe - very impressive.....just turn your head sideways to view.

Turn your head to see Bailey too - he was trying to sleep on the couch but I kept insisting on taking pictures........

Spent yesterday morning getting wool roving orders dealt with - weighing, bagging, tagging, putting into inventory and back in the etsy shop. What a job it is but this time Sam helped with the weighing part of it - with the process we've come up with it takes 1/3 of the time to do the job with two of us over me doing it alone. Selling roving is a big chunk of my income but I'm thinking about taking a break from it (at least online) to see how I feel about the time it takes away from weaving and other fiber arts/crafts..........sometime after the beginning of the year I'll put that etsy shop on vacation hold and see how I feel about it......right now I'm getting pretty sad about how little time I have to weave and do other things I've wanted to do.

It's been raining here but not too bad like a few hours to the north of us where there's flooding happening. We're supposed to get more rain later and again for the next several days but we're definitely not getting the worst of the weather here in the northwest.

I hope everyone is ready for the holidays - I've got my mailing done and am almost done sewing.....guess I need to figure out Christmas Eve dinner soon but I've still got time for that........


  1. Bailey looks good pictured in any direction! Glad you two had a nice time on the coast.
    We're on our own Xmas eve, big dinner is Christmas day at the folks! Whew! I did Thanksgiving. No 7 fishes this year? Maybe a pared down version, 3 fishes? :-)

    1. There are only 4 of us family here now days so 7 fishes is overkill. I'd be happy with cioppino with 7 fishes in it but not the others - they'd like it along with other stuff. So, yes, maybe 3 fishes will be what we end up with, no more than 4.

  2. Currently I'm blogging with the Blogger app on my iPad. I've had the occasionaly sideways photo too but found that when I went back into my photo library that the pictures were sideways there too so I just edit and rotate. It works for now.

    1. Weird thing is that the photos are just fine in my photo library. Oh well.......


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