Saturday, June 27, 2015

My heros

Lam-Air are my heros - we now have cool air coming out of the ductwork - whoo hoo.  They called and said when he'd be here, then a call saying he was on the way.....and then he was able to fix it right away.  The capacitor blew and he had another one in the truck. Funny thing, he said someone nearby also had it happen yesterday evening which makes one wonder if there was some sort of power surge/issue. So, we had to pay a premium price to have it fixed on a Saturday but if we signed up for the yearly maintenance contract it ended up being the same price as if they came back out Monday to fix it and charged us for another visit. And having a maintenance contract means we get put to the top of the list in an emergency.....and they'll come out twice a year to go over the entire system......and a discount on any parts needed. This was our first time using them and we're very pleased. So, if you're in Southern Oregon keep their name in mind if you need any HVAC work. (yes, that lion is their logo)  It's starting to get cooler in here.........I am one happy camper right now..........


  1. So glad you got your a/c fixed--it's just way too hot, although we have a little bit of cloud cover, which is welcome. I just don't want to see those thunderheads building up.

    I love your Strawberry Fields Forever blending board yarn. It's a great color combo. Inspired by your guild presentation, I did a blending board workshop with Gwen Powell at Black Sheep, which was great fun. Did I need a blending board? No. Did I buy one? Well, duh, yes.

  2. Oh yes - so glad you got a blending board - I love enabling someone else to spend money on fiber stuff, I get just as much pleasure out of that as spending my own money.


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