Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun fabrics

Aren't these great coordinating fabrics? They're designs of the artist Charley Harper.  I bought this fabric a while ago at Top Stitch, my Bernina shop, worked on a birthday project using it today - will eventually show what I made.

Just a little fire tidbit - on Saturday while I was at my guild meeting 45 minutes away there was a fire a couple miles from our house. Sam was clueless - he hasn't learned that he's supposed to go out and see where the copters flying overhead are going - he would have seen the smoke plume if he had. Luckily it was jumped on quickly and put out. There have been several other small fires in the region, like this one, not caused by lightening - people need to be more careful. Several fires still burning from the lightening storms last week.....

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  1. Love those Charley Harper Nuthatches!
    Glad the fire was a non issue.


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