Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Working on the stash......

.....the stash of painted warps, that is. Usually I get all that I dye during the summer woven over the winter but I've got some I never had time to get on the loom.
This was off the last warp that came off the loom - chartreuse weft.
Here's another off that same warp using olive for the weft.
 There's still one more using forest green for the weft that's not ready for it's photo op yet.
Both of these scarves are now up for sale in my etsy shop.
And here's the painted warp I wound on the back beam this afternoon, it's a rayon slub, enough for 3 scarves. I haven't decided on weave structure yet, am considering just plain weave, I know hard to believe, but am thinking for this warp/colors it might be best, maybe a bit warp faced plain weave.  It was a bugger to wind on as the slubs were sticking to one another, guess that happened during the dyeing and drying.  There's one more painted warp, tencel, in the wings to be woven. Then it's time to do some dyeing again.


  1. They're beautiful...especially the top one. The painted warps are very interesting. Sounds fun to work on to see how it works up as you go. Very cool!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    OMG it really is true ~ great minds think alike! I've just finished a hand painted silk scarf with essentially the same pattern. What are the chances of that!

    1. Yes, great minds do think alike! I just looked at your scarf - so close to my draft it's uncanny - kind of scary, huh?

  3. These are really pretty.Love the yarn colors.


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